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Use GPS To Track Your Subject

Have you ever wondered where your spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend or teenager goes when they leave home? You can either hire Hall Investigation Group to perform surveillance or you can use our inexpensive GPS trackers that can give you this information either by real time tracking or by tracking recorders.

Hall Investigation Group offers GPS recorder rentals for a refundable deposit and daily charge. The most popular device is a GPS tracker recorder. You install the tracker on the vehicle or we can install. The device can be carried in a bag by a person or in a vehicle. Place the tracker on the vehicle, let the vehicle go about its travel, then remove the tracker and give it to the investigative agent. The agent will download the recorded information using Google Maps and Google Earth and convert the information into an easily read report. The report will show you exactly where the vehicle has been via an updated record of the exact route, speed driven, address of all stops made and times.

Real time GPS vehicle trackers track the vehicle while being managed by one of our agents using a computer. The vehicle can be found at any time while being tracked. This is the same type tracker used by FBI, Federal Marshalls and law enforcement agents to get real time locations for arrest or illegal activity. This tracker requires installation, removal and monitoring by one of our trained agents.

Hall Investigation Group can handle any type tracking needs you may desire. Give us a call to get free analyses of your situation and a quote. At Hall Investigation Group we try to work with budgets large or small.

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