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Hall Investigation Group is a full service, 24 hour a day/7 day a week licensed, insured investigative agency. Our group is comprised of experienced and highly trained male and female investigative professionals. We pride ourselves on our team's experiences, diverse backgrounds, training and skills. We also blend into almost any surrounding with our covert investigators. We are committed to provide our clients with the best information possible so they can make the best decisions for their business and personal lives.

We are available to provide our clients with complete investigation reports backed up with video, photographs and physical evidence. Hall Investigation Group uses state of the art equipment and resources to gather the available evidence for your case.

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Hall Investigation Group also provides security at the highest level, including executive protection, armed and unarmed security. At Hall Investigation our agents pride themselves on their training to observe and react to issues before anything occurs, and ability to provide protection from theft or vandalism of property.

If you need a skip trace to protect your family from a fugitive, to find a debtor, locate property, recover money or find a person, Hall Investigation Group is here to assist you. Hall Investigation began by finding unwanted fugitives who ran out on their obligation to the courts for many years.

Hall Investigation Group can provide Process Service to attorneys and corporations. We service the State of North Carolina, law enforcement only deliver in their jurisdiction. Hall Investigation Group's Process Service is normally attempted within twenty-four hours of receipt of the documents to be served. Rush Service is available and is attempted within hours of receipt of the documents to be delivered.

Hall Investigation Group offers GPS recorder rentals for a refundable deposit and daily charge. The most popular device is a GPS tracker recorder. You install the tracker on the vehicle or we can install. The device can be carried in a bag by a person or in a vehicle. Place the tracker on the vehicle, let the vehicle go about its travel, then remove the tracker and give it to the investigative agent. The agent will download the recorded information using Google Maps and Google Earth and convert the information into an easily read report. The report will show you exactly where the vehicle has been via an updated record of the exact route, speed driven, address of all stops made and times.

Hall Bonding is an ethical, professional, bail bonding company. It is our goal to change the perception of the bail bond industry, delivering the highest quality bonding service possible. Our entire client base is confidential. If you are in need of a professional Bail Bond Agent in North Carolina in the counties of Guilford, Randolph, Davidson or Forsyth, give the professionals at Hall Bonding the opportunity to give you the professional, ethical service you deserve.

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