Domestic Infidelity Investigations

Domestic Investigations & Surveillance Investigators

When faced with issues like infidelity, divorce, asset discovery, child support, visitation rights, and/or alimony, we understand that discretion and confidentiality are as important to you as the quality of your investigation. We also know that it is difficult to entrust the handling of your situation to a stranger and that you have more than likely never worked with a private investigator before. We are here to walk you through this difficult process and to ensure that you understand what Hall Investigation Group can do for you. Your case will be assigned to one of our prominent Client Services Specialist's who will assist you and give you the attention you deserve, with strict confidentiality. Your business remains yours when you choose Hall Investigation Group.

Our surveillance investigators are comprised of a team of top quality, experienced investigators in handling domestic matters and getting results. We have a large, ethnic and gender diverse team of investigators at our disposal, ensuring that we have the right type of investigators for your case. This, combined with our state of the art technology, extensive investigative resources, GPS tracking, and regular training make us the premier investigative agency.

We Can Confirm Infidelity - Stop Guessing!

Regardless of whether you need to know the truth about a spouse's affair, verify the quality of child care being provided to your children or if you need proof of infidelity to assist in getting a favorable result in court, Hall Investigation is the private investigative agency for you. We leave nothing to chance. Each case and each set of circumstances call for different measures and different surveillance techniques. We have professionals to cover them all.

Today almost all investigators utilize video cameras to capture evidence. The days where an investigator's word was all you needed are gone. Videotape is more effective and does not lie. Our investigators have the proper equipment to capture evidence both from a car and inside a hotel, restaurant, bar or other public domain. If you are, or may be, involved in a divorce or child custody matter it may be beneficial to your case to have our investigators look into and obtain video evidence when possible. If evidence is obtained, our professional investigators are available to testify about the surveillance and evidence in court, if needed. Hall Investigation Group will do all it can to work with any size budget to obtain the evidence you need for your case.

Whatever your needs,
Hall Investigation Group can provide you with investigators available 24/7.

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