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Executive & Celebrity Protection - how important is it? Unfortunately one very bad incident is all it takes to answer that question.

Hall Investigation Group understands the difference between a bodyguard and a protection professional. Our Executive Protection agents are highly trained and skilled in analysis, counter techniques, tactics and firearms, and are prepared to identify threats.

Hall Investigation Group's Executive Protection Agents are well schooled, highly trained men and women. Hall Investigation Group protects corporate executives and celebrities against all types of threats including fans, former employees, investors and others who have made the executive or celebrity a target for any reason. Hall Investigation also protects men and women from violent ex-spouses, boyfriend, girlfriend, witnesses in legal proceedings and anyone else with a need for protection.

Executive protection is an around the clock operation. Our protection services can be long term for high profile executives and celebrities or temporary. Hall Investigation Group has the ability to tailor our protection services to your protection needs. Our key ability is the early identification of potential threats before they occur. This enables us to make effective decisions, which prevent the opportunity to inflict damage or harm. Our services are available 24 hours a day. Hall Investigation Group personnel understand the industry trends and have the unique ability to blend into their surroundings but also show a physical deterrent when necessary. Our staff is capable of running other duties while on a task such as transportation, family and media liaison, etc. to allow the celebrity or executive to focus on what they do best.

Whether you are a state or government official, celebrity, executive or just a simple person that needs protection, at Hall Investigation Group you are going to find the right protection that fits your needs. We have a selection of highly trained bodyguards with previous military or police experience ready to protect and serve because your safety is our first priority. Hall Investigation Group's Executive and Celebrity Protection Agents are clean cut professionals with one objective in mind, to keep our clients safe. Our agents are prepared to deploy on short notice. We offer airport pick-up services for the celebrity or executive and provide a protective escort during the entire project. In addition our Celebrity and Executive Protection Agents are available on an hourly or flat fee billing rate. Executives and celebrities have unique needs. Hall Investigation Group takes pride in creating a lasting atmosphere of trust and loyalty. That means we value the privacy of our clients. We maintain strict standards and our agents are bound by non-disclosure agreements with our clients. You can rest assured your privacy and trust are of paramount concern. We welcome businesses, celebrities and individuals. Give Hall Investigation Group an opportunity to earn your trust and provide you with quality service.

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