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Insurance Fraud Investigators

Workers Compensation claims cost insurers and insureds millions of dollars a year in the United States of America. Employers, claims adjusters, third party administrators and self insurers use Hall Investigation Group to investigate & identify possible fraudulent Workers Compensation claims.

Our investigators are highly skilled and able to conduct activity checks, background inquires, social activities inquires, interview witnesses, and perform surveillance. Our investigators can legally conduct covert surveillance anytime, in virtually any type of environment, using cutting edge technology, GPS, wireless video recording systems and other electronics. We can often overcome the most challenging conditions and capture video or still photography essential in proving criminal Workers Compensation fraud.

When you need the facts and real evidence you need the investigation team of Hall Investigation Group whose field investigators have the necessary portable covert equipment and the experience and ability to take on any challenge to gather meaningful evidence. Your assigned investigators will provide legal video of suspected fraudulent activity as it occurs. We gather the necessary evidence that may lead to both criminal and civil action, and present it to you, your insurer and your legal counsel in the event of fraud. You will receive our investigation reports and video in a media that meets your needs within the time frame that meets your schedule. We also strive to do rush assignments when needed.

Our innovative, strictly legal methods have allowed many clients to obtain restitution for their losses, which, in a growing number of cases, has even included full reimbursement of the cost of our investigations. Putting offenders in jail provides a very strong deterrent for other workers who might otherwise contemplate making false claims of work related injuries. The overall result of our investigations could save your company money.

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