North Carolina
Investigative Services

Hall Investigation Group is known for its ability to provide exceptional, high quality, domestic, business/commercial and insurance investigations and results. Our investigators have the training, experience, planning and state of the art equipment to make the right decisions at the right time to obtain the results you expect. Our personnel are capable of merging into most industrial and/or professional fields and blending into their surroundings to obtain the best possible observation point to get the best results. Our investigators can legally conduct covert surveillance any time, in virtually any type of environment, using cutting edge technology, GPS tracking, wireless video recording systems and other electronics.

Hall Investigation Group's investigators are highly skilled and capable of conducting numerous informational services, such as activity checks, background inquiries, social activity inquiries, criminal records checks, property ownership, reverse telephone checks, marriages, civil judgments, death searches, business background checks, "key employee" background checks, and pre-employment screenings. Our investigators are fully capable of locating missing heirs and/or witnesses and carrying out interviews, as well as performing skip tracing and security services.

Whatever your needs,
Hall Investigation Group can provide you the services and is available 24/7.

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