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Skip tracing is sometimes called debtor or fugitive recovery, and is basically an investigative technique that traces , finds skips or people who have skipped out on their financial or legal obligations, witnesses in criminal & civil court actions, plaintiffs, dependants and family members, unknown parents, financed vehicles and equipment, foreclosure recipients or insurance beneficiaries. Skip tracing can help you get money owed to you , help ensure that a dangerous criminal finds his or her way back to court and brings families back together.

Databases and online searches have a vast array of data available but are not always a reliable locator service. An investigator must know where to look and how to investigate in the most cost effective manner possible when website searches cannot produce the desired results. Hall Investigation Group has been trusted by attorneys, lenders , banks, credit unions, insurance companies and private individuals to locate persons and equipment not wanting to be found or in many cases a lost loved one. Hall Investigation Group has the resources and techniques to bring debtors together with their lending institution, a parent and child together that has been separated for years, witness before a jury, and the knowledge of where a family member is, or that the family member has died.

While many people assume that law-enforcement agencies take care of finding fugitives and other such problems, the truth is that most agencies are overwhelmed with work. If you want a debtor, person or criminal found you may have to do so yourself by hiring a professional. A skip trace is far more effective when you have a professional dedicated to the case, since the skip tracer will work until he or she finds the person you are seeking plus, a professional skip tracer can use techniques that are not available to law enforcement agencies. Depending on the situation, skip trace can involve many things such as surveillance, background checks, interviewing and questioning persons, impersonations, traditional investigative work, and the use of informants.

If you need a skip trace run to protect your family from a fugitive, to find a debtor, locate property, recover money or find a person call Hall Investigation Group and talk with a professional investigation team that is dedicated to your case.

Hall Investigation Group can work within your budget to meet your objective. If your budget limits are unrealistic for your particular search, we will be up front and inform you of this before we begin.

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