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Commercial Surveillance and Undercover Operations

Hall Investigation Group is known for its ability to provide exceptional, high quality, investigations and we deliver results. Our investigators have the training, state of the art equipment, experience and planning to make the right decisions at the right time, to obtain the results you expect.

Hall Investigation Group's personnel are capable of merging into most industrial or professional fields, and have been trained to determine the integrity of employees where fraud, misappropriation or other illegal activities are suspected. Undercover operations are not immediate responses to a problem. Proper planning and implementation are crucial in uncovering poor choices made by misguided or desperate employees who, under other circumstances, have been excellent employees. We offer free consultation to determine your needs.

Covert and exposed camera systems are an excellent deterrent for improper or illegal activity in your business. Many times those who choose to misbehave will do so out of sight of the cameras. Covert and exposed cameras are very useful tools in seeing activity in certain areas of your industrial plant or administrative offices. Another very important tool is an experienced undercover operative inserted inside your company for detection of improper and illegal activity. The right undercover operative can provide intelligence and gather evidence that a camera alone cannot obtain.

Our professional relationship with law enforcement agencies has proven very beneficial to our clients when they wish to prosecute the employee for theft and pilferage, illegal drug use, assaults, vandalism and damage to company property. Hall Investigation Group can conduct the same undercover operations as local law enforcement to obtain the critical evidence needed for successful prosecution.

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